about soul light ministries international

Our Mission :

Bringing light to all souls

Our Vision :

To enhance a Godly visualized inner person

Soul light ministries international basically means the light that any soul needs to reveal what is hidden in the dark by the devil, The ultimate goal of the enemy is to diverge your soul through puzzling it and sandwiching the truth with lies, at soul light ministries God uses us to enlighten souls and keep them away from the vicious circle of the devils' lies, we vow to use the power, wisdom and strength given to us by Jesus Christ to change unfortunate souls and make sure those blessed with LIGHT are retained in the kingdom of GOD and their spiritual reflection is passed on to all generations.


Soul Light ministries Int

Soul light ministries (SLM) was a dream by God to pastor Titus Ssekawe, after several years the dream came to pass, It was like he had received a command from within, an inner instruction telling him that he was to begin a spiritual voyage to rekindle the spark that it was a tremendously liberating time for him. Church services started in the (CLEAR AUDIO RECORDING STUDIO) Reception, ‘Luke 2:16”, with six members, but by Faith, unceasing prayers, supplication and fasting, God did great things, miracles, signs and wonders  among the people, Miraculously, we increased in the number we shifted from the studio reception to the land where we are still there as tenants  here in Kampala Uganda . For sure the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ is moving with us, and His holy spirit within us, “Mat 4:16” more than 40 people confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in the first two and half months at the new church site in tent during our Sunday services. We are now building a one thousand people sitter temporary church structure, we believe God to overtake the land for His work and we already agreed with the land owner to buy it at 29000$ (twenty nine thousand Us dollars). In this case, I take this opportunity thank you all who have generously labored with us to this end, and to our viewers, Family, friends and Partners to generously continue supporting us in this great work of our God. LUKE 1:5

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