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Pastor Titus Ssekawe

Pastor Titus Ssekawe is a senior pastor and over seer of Soul light ministries international, headquartered in Kampala, Uganda - East Africa.

He is an inspiration, a counselor, divine advisor and mentor to many people across the globe as the overflowing grace of Jesus Christ upon his life to do great and extra ordinary things.

Signs and wonders move with him as God manifest Himself mightily in the wave of the spirit hovering and moving everywhere and touching and transforming people’s lives in the congregation during his sermons and services.

With a challenging experience and background in serving Christ, Pr Titus has a come a long journey to a classic revived destiny through prayer, fasting and prophecy which has transformed him in to God’s great asset.

He is also the programs director of Jen African Child Hope (JACH) a nonprofit organization giving hope to the children including those abandoned by their families, orphans and abused ones, we believe he who has pity to the poor gives to the lord (proverbs 19:17). God has used him to bring many lost souls to Christ and revealing the true love of Jesus Christ to the people in various countries worldwide.

Spiritual healing prayer from Pastor Titus

I pray for you in the Name of Jesus Christ the redeemer of our souls and spirit, may His mighty power and infinity-invisible strong hand which does the impossible and marvelous things, touch your physical and spiritual life and heal you instantly. I declare and decree no weapon forged against you shall prosper, I render powerless all the evil spirits against your life, be whole in the Name of Jesus may the peace and joy of salvation of the Lord come to your soul and heal your spirit, Receive healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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My Pride

As Titus Ssekawe i pride my self to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and look forward to spread the WORD of God all over the world as a mission of OUR Lord Jesus Christ Mark 16:15



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